I just love The Survivor Guide… it really prompted me to action. It posed many questions – questions that my family will now be able to answer in the ultimate “what if” scenario.
– Bill Cronin, Chattanooga, TN

I have been an engineer my whole life and thus really appreciate the comprehensive and systematic approach to a critical and inevitable life event … this is exactly what i would have created given the time. My family appreciated my investment in this and my friends who see it ask where they can get one for themselves.
– Bill Bohlke, Jupiter, FL

There are parts of my families life that I attend to almost exclusively. I have always taken great pains to organize things such that my wife and young family could figure out what to do in the event of my loss. This product took me to the next level – far more comprehensive. Makes me feel good knowing my wife will have a complete “roadmap” to follow
– Jim Rosenlund Bloomington, IL

My military experience taught me the value of prior planning. The Survivor Guideâ„¢ helped me prepare for the worse case scenario and gives me peace of mind – my family will know what to do, step-by-step, during a very trying time.
– Brian Reeves, Captain, USN (Ret)